How We Do It

So, we do not make the footwear but rather use ready made ones and customize them with seal fur. There are a few reasons for this. First, and foremost, we do not have the facilities in Nunavut to make shoes ... YET! One day we hope to be able to make any type of footwear right here in our territory. Secondly, we like to have the creative freedom of any style asked of us, to allow our customers to choose from the many style of footwear they wish to have customized. We do allow customers to send us their shoes/boots for customization with the fur they choose. We also have many styles and sizes ready to dress with seal fur, fox fur, fish leather, seal leather or other fine materials we have on hand.

The process is still long, as we need to make patterns for each shoe and it's one shoe at a time. We still need to prepare the shoes for the seal fur. And sometimes, even after cutting the seal fur pattern, it doesn't work out and we need to start over. But it is a process that we enjoy. We love our seal fur. We appreciate it for all of it's uses. We put love in each shoe we adorn with seal fur, knowing that this material is precious to us and to the customer.

Once the shoes are completed, we keep them for a few extra days and look them over carefully to ensure our work is as perfect as we can make it. We tell our customers that we do each shoe by hand and there may be imperfections because we are just two people creating what we think is beautiful. This is our art. And we love that people love and appreciate it also.