Recycling & Shipping

It is important to talk about recycling in Nunavut, and in turn, how ENB packages items for shipping to their new homes. There are no recycling facilities in Nunavut (with exception to beer cans) and therefore, we try to reuse packaging as much as possible. We will reuse the excess paper and bubble-wrap that come in our mail orders, the tissue paper that come from other shoes or products and sometimes our Northern Store bags provide wrap for individually protecting shoes. As a small home-based business, we have yet to have our own shoe boxes so we reuse the ones we receive to eliminate the amount of waste we produce.

Perhaps it is a bit lackluster to receive your brand new seal fur shoes in a different box or crumpled up tissue paper but just know that we do it from a place of good, from a place of desire to reduce the amount of waste filling our landfills in our precious Nunavut.

Thank you for your kind understanding.