Dyed Harp Seal Fur Mitts w/ Shadow Fox Fur Cuffs

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These luxuriously warm pualuit (mitts) are made from dyed “Graphite” harp sealskin, shadow fox fur cuffs and sealskin leather palms. The inside of the mitts are lined with warm, non-sweating material called Berber/Sherpa. They are perfect for those cold Nunavut winters, or wherever you are located in this world. These mitts are completely hand-cut and hand-stitched with artificial sinew. Sinew is incredibly strong and it would be highly unlikely that these mitts would ever "fall apart". In fact, one would likely have a pair for 5-10 years.  If you are ever in the arctic, you will see almost everyone wearing similar styles. Different areas of the north have different patterns

(Both the sealskin and the fox fur are commercially tanned. Meaning they do not be stored in cold temperatures - traditionally, naturally tanned items would be prepared in a way to keep the waterproofing properties in tact). 

There are a size female large.