Ladies Size 9/10 Beige Peep-toes Boots in Natural Harp Seal Fur

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Check out these ultra-cool peep-toe boots! Where them wherever you want, with whatever you want because these will go with anything. Feel powerful regardless if you're wearing jeans or a suit ... show your support for seal fur.  An everyday wear at your office, out on the town or around your little iglu. You may show your support for our sealing industry by strutting your stuff with these 4.25" heels. With things going "back-to-normal" after the pandemic, hopefully this will allow us to show off our love seal fur of more. Either way, they are good to have "just in case".

Ladies size 10 (may fit smaller) 
Measurements: 11L x 3.5"W (at the widest part) 
Heel height: 4.25"
Customized in natural harp seal fur.
Treated with seal fur protection spray.